What Is An Asylum Agreement

[19] Susan Fratzke, „International Experience suggest Safe Third-Country Agreement Would Not Solve the US-Mexico Border Crisis,“ Migration Policy Institute, June 2019, www.migrationpolicy.org/news/safe-third-country-agreement-would-not-solve-us-mexico-border-crisis. In February 2020, Refugees International and Human Rights Watch examined the impact of the ACA in Guatemala and examined the vulnerability of the transferred persons and the lack of support for them in Guatemala, as well as their access to the Guatemalan asylum system and its ability to provide protection to those in need. „Jorge C.,“ a former Honduran police officer, said CBP officials at the border had „thrown away“ documents he had brought from Honduras. He said the documents proved he was a witness in a lawsuit against gang members who would kill him when he returned home. U.S. State Department reports showing that police officers are often intimidated and targeted by gangs in Honduras support Jorge`s account. [76] His wife and child had previously fled to the United States and sought asylum based on threats against him. · A 20-year-old Salvadoran man said, „There is no asylum here in Guatemala“ and that he could not stay without the support of his family. He said he feared persecution in El Salvador, but didn`t know where to go.

[166] Most asylum seekers interviewed by Refugees International and Human Rights Watch said they considered Guatemala to be no different from their home country in terms of safety and opportunity. In fact, many transferrees found that in their home countries, they at least understood the context and had social networks they could rely on. .