Thames Water Build Over Agreement Application Form

Can I build by a well? No, we do not allow internal wells due to the increased risk of internal flooding and olfactory problems, even if double-sealed blankets are used. Wells must be completely removed and driven by wells, must be rebuilt outside your extension, either on the sewer line or offset and connected by a Y crossing. If your application is an internal well, it will be rejected. We won`t know what`s needed until you`ve applied and we`ve seen your plans and the sewers involved Owners are responsible for the water pipes that lie inside their property – they`re called supply pipes. We may need to carry out additional studies for sewers with a diameter greater than 375 mm. This may delay authorization. Learn more about the process. It depends on the size of your sewers. If your channel diameter is no more than 160mm, the app costs you £299 (presumed property). If your channel diameter is higher (which is unlikely for a residential project), you expect slightly higher costs.

Don`t worry, just fill in as many details of the app as possible, even if they are very simple. Your client or architect should be able to help you. It`s best to know where the pipes are when designing the building to avoid delays and additional costs. Don`t worry if you`re not sure how to do it – we`re here to help. Once you start filling out this form, do not use the back button in your browser or use a link to move to another page, as all the data entered is lost. The form consists of five pages and all fields marked with mandatory fields must be completed before sending. How much does the app cost? It depends on the size of the sewers and whether your property is residential or commercial. Diameter Property Type Cost Up to 160 mm (6″) Housing £343 Up to 160 mm (6″) Trade £687 Class 2,160 mm (6″) to 375 mm (15″) Every £687 Class 3 Over 375 mm (15″) including All £1,300 * * There is also a lawyer`s fee for entering into an agreement for very large sewers, which is normally in the £500 range.

If you apply online, you can pay with your credit or debit card. If you apply by mail, you can send us a cheque to Thames Water Utilities Ltd with your application form. Please make sure that the site address is on the back of the check. You can also pay with a credit or debit card. We will then contact you to make the payment by phone. If your answers meet our needs, we will send you an agreement. If not, we will forward to you to request an approved build-over agreement for which you will have to pay….