Sag Aftra Trust Agreement

The 2019 report showed that trust funds amounted to $214.8 million, an increase of 9.4% to $201.5 million, and the 2017 report showed a 7.1% increase to $183.9 million in funds held for others. The 2016 report reported a 4.5% increase in appropriations to $171.4 million; The 2015 report reported a 7.5% increase to $164.3 million; and the 2014 report listed these funds at $153.04 million, a 16% jump from 2013 of $132.26 million. Given that producers are responsible for 80 per cent of the plan`s funding, the union, which maintains a formal separation from union trustees, said the economic downturn was the main cause of the restructuring. However, industry leaders made it clear that reductions were planned well before the pandemic. Last month, SAG-AFTRA was awarded a new three-year contract with television and theatre producers with less than 30% of the members` votes. While LA SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris called the agreement a „tremendous wage package and an excessive increase in the saga-AFTRA health plan,“ the agreement included only an increase in the producer contribution to the fund in the first year, with options to divert 0.5 percent of the meagre three percent of workers` wage increases in the two and three years. The residues include payments for free-to-air television, basic cables, pay cable, video/DVD, new media and theatrical productions. Commercial residues are not processed by SAG-AFTRA, but sent directly by wage processing companies and are not listed in the Tracker residuals. If you have a question about commercial residues, please contact the Sales Department at (323) 549-6858, or email: Michael Estrada, general manager of the plan, commented at a zoom conference that increasing health costs was the main driver of performance reduction.

„To ensure the long-term viability of the health plan, administrators need to balance the ratio of revenues to expenditures,“ Estrada said. „Because they have less control over the plan`s revenues, which are primarily determined by the parties to the negotiations, the directors focused their attention on expenditures.“ This disclosure was made when saG-AFTRA`s report was presented to the U.S. Department of Labor on July 29 for the fiscal year ended April 30 in the category „Funds held in trust for others.“ Under the agreement, Equity may represent „recorded and/or produced work to be exhibited on a digital platform, either as a replacement for a live theatre production that cannot take place because of the pandemic, or for a partial virtual/digital audience that complements a live audience during the pandemic period.“ The allegations of some directors of the Union Health Fund that the union fought a great battle for the protection of medical care are nothing but lies.