Resort Lease Agreement

(i) the tenant`s inability to maintain the quality of the operation in relation to customer questionnaire responses (guest cards, online reviews or other quality repositories). Non-compliance with quality occurs when evaluations of tenant operating assessments, which are less than 75% or less than 3.0 on a 5.0-point scale on the station client questionnaire, continue at this level for four consecutive months, unless the tenant can demonstrate that the guest questionnaire does not reflect the actual level of quality; or, The hotel owner receives fixed or variable rents or a combination of both. Hotel leases offer a degree of security to hotel real estate investors, but this largely depends on the solvency and business development of the hotel operator. In essence, it is the long-term profitability of the hotel operation itself that is of paramount importance and which should be analysed in detail before investing in a hotel property. As a general rule, it is possible to develop realistic and operational sustainable rental rates with the following steps: 2. Mermaid Reef, B.V., a liability company under the laws of Sint Maarten, represented by its General Manager J. Scott Sitra, who represents that he has the legal right to enter into the underlying agreement on behalf of Mermaid Reef , B.V., as „tenant“; Between, on the one hand, fixed-rent hotel rental contracts and, on the other hand, hotel management contracts, which depend directly on the level of success, there is room for manoeuvre for a multitude of different contractual obligations. Hybrid contracts, which combine elements of both forms, are multiplying. Scenic models in which landowners and operating companies enter into a lease agreement, while the operating company signs a management contract with a leading brand name, are also widespread. the owner of the premises that are leased or leased, i.e. Simpson Bay Resort Owner Company B.V. (b) In accordance with the laws of Sint Maarten, the owner may initiate a proceeding whose purpose is to put all or part of the property,, furniture and other tenant real estate that may be placed under the premises or placed under the premises for the life for sale.

, whether or not they are exempt from execution or foreclosure, the parties who agree that this property is bound at any time by a right of bet in favour of the lessor and is responsible for all leases and execution of the other agreements and agreements contained in it.