Disbursement Agreement Definition

Examples of negative payments are evident when funds are withdrawn from a student`s account after too much money has been paid for financial aid. An example of payment is the case when a company`s lawyer makes payments to third parties during the preparation of a case for court or doctor`s fees, private detectives, couriers or expert opinions. Payments can be costly in cases where expert reports on the preservation of evidence are available, especially in cases of bodily injury, where serious injuries have long-term effects and need to be assessed immediately. These reports make it possible to determine more precisely the customer`s losses and to understand the alleged damages. The lawyer notifies the client and the insurance company before the payment costs are high, and the client must reimburse the lawyer. The payment of a student loan is the payment of the proceeds of the loan to a borrower who is the student. Schools and credit service providers inform students in writing of payments, including the loan amount and expected payment date. They then paid out federal and private student loans, usually twice or more during the academic year. The student receives a credit to their account to pay for tuition and fees and receives the balance by check, direct deposit or other agreed method. A payment is the actual delivery of funds from a bank account or other funds.

This is a payment made by a company in cash or equivalent means of payment during a given period. B of a quarter or a year. .