Chaplaincy Project Agreement

Schools currently receiving funding have been offered a one-year extension of their existing contracts for 2015-2019, until 31 December 2020. All schools interested in funding for 2021 and 2022 are invited to apply according to the procedure described above. Public schools must use the NSCP service agreement below to hire a chaplain: requests for school assistance programs in public schools can be directed to the following agencies: Principal Consultant, Student Wellbeing (Department of Education) Schools and Chaplaincy Service Providers participating in the NSCP, are required to report to the ministry to ensure that chaplaincy and providers operate in accordance with service agreements and service providers. Public schools are required to hire a chaplain through a provider that provides pastoral services. Each selected school campus receives $20,280 per year for 2 years or $24,336 per year for schools in remote areas. The funds will be used to hire a chaplain who will provide 400 hours of chaplain service per year. If you choose a service provider other than onPsych, Scripture Union WA or YouthCARE, please read the Buyers Guide for School Chaplaincy Services to western Australian public schools 2020 to ensure that you meet all requirements. You need to complete your own buying process. When purchasing in-school chaplaincy services, they must comply with procurement processes regardless of the source of funding.

Schools must obtain written consent from parents/facilitators or students (if an adult or minor is elderly) before providing chaplain services. Access to the consent form and frequently asked questions Document for public schools; see: Principals should refer to the Buyers Guide for School Combinations in Western Australia 2020 To ensure compliance with all requirements. Parents/guardians/facilitators and students should be informed that pastoral care is voluntary. They must also be informed of the nature of the chaplain`s service to be provided, the role of the chaplain, the nature of the information to be collected and the reasons for its collection, the conditions for disclosure of this information and their right of access to information.