Change Of Circumstances Tenancy Agreement

It is important to let us know if someone is moving, if you want someone to move in or you end or transfer your lease. There is no specific legal provision for the granting of joint leases. To convert an individual tenancy agreement into a common tenancy agreement, all proposed tenants must meet the eligibility requirements set out in the application form. If the partner who signed the contract decides to leave and the other partner wants to stay, you have to decide what you want to do, especially if you want to stay. It is advisable that anyone residing in the property signs the lease to confirm that they are happy to be jointly responsible for the rent. Therefore, each tenant should be subject to a check and reference to prove that they can afford to pay the rent individually. If you leave because of a separation and disappear without being able to trace it, you are still legally in a position to sue the remaining tenant for full rent. We will let you know what to do if there are any changes. In general, you should write to us asking permission to make changes to your lease. Qualified occupants have the right to be informed of matters relating to the lease, for example. B measures to re-acquire real estate.

You need to tell us if you are undressing inside the area or if you are moving. You should specify your transfer address. If you have moved inside Enfield, give details about your new owner, the start date of your lease and send a copy of your lease by email. Please contact us before you change your budget, as you may need our permission before proceeding. If you would like to request a form informing us of a change in circumstances affecting your lease, please do so below: we need the changes in writing, a phone call is not enough. There may be other things you want to change in your budget, for which you may have to ask our permission. If you are unsure, check your lease or call us. Your rental agreement indicates the number of people who can live in the accommodation. If your home is crowded and you suffer from a lack of rooms for your family, depending on the age and gender of people who need to share bedrooms, you can request a transfer.

Please contact us for details The form below is NOT to be used to inform us of any changes that may affect your housing allowance or the Council`s entitle to the tax reduction – learn more about changes in circumstances regarding the Housing Allowance or the Council`s tax reduction. Usually, the circumstances that may increase your claim start with the date you tell us – not on the date it occurred. In these circumstances, communication is the key, which is why you – or your CEO – must always maintain good relationships with your tenants and carry out regular inspections, not only to check the condition of the property, but also to assess how tenants live there. If you would like to apply for a joint rental agreement, please contact us for an application form. We will respond within 28 days of receiving the joint rent request. You can then either transfer the existing lease in the name of the remaining partner or ask them to start a new lease. As this will probably be an emotional moment for both tenants, you should be more attentive, but at the same time make sure that you do not expose yourself to the risk of getting out of your pocket.