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Online Correction In order to ensure a timely publication of the article, we ask authors to submit their proof corrections to us within two days. Affected authors receive an email with a link to our online proofing system that allows an online note and proof correction. The environment is similar to MS Word: In addition to editing text, you can also comment on numbers/tables and answer questions from the copy editor. Web-based proofing allows for a faster and less error-prone process because you can enter your corrections directly, avoiding potential error filing. If you wish, you can select your changes in the PDF version with comments and downloads. All proof instructions are given in the email we send to the authors, including alternative methods to the online version and pdf. We will do everything in our power to publish your article quickly and accurately. Use this evidence only to verify the sentence, processing, completeness and accuracy of the text, tables and images. Substantial changes to the article, as adopted for publication, will only be taken into account at this stage with the publisher`s permission. It is important to ensure that all corrections are returned to a communication. Please check carefully before responding, as further corrections cannot be guaranteed.

Rereading is your responsibility. Web referrals At least, the full URL and the date on which the reference was last called must be specified. All other information, if known (DOI, author names, data, reference to a source publication, etc.), must also be provided. Web references can be listed separately (z.B after the reference list) under another title, if you wish, or can be added to the reference list. MethodsX You have the ability to convert relevant protocols and methods into one or more De MethodsX articles, a new type of article that describes the details of appropriate research methods. Many researchers spend a lot of time developing methods to meet their specific needs or attitudes, but often without getting recognition for this part of their work. MethodsX, an open access journal, now publishes this information to make it accessible, peer-reviewed, zitozierbar and reproducible. Authors are invited to submit their MethodsX article as an additional article alongside the revised version of their manuscript. If your research article is accepted, your method article will be automatically forwarded to MethodsX, where it will be editorially verified. Please note that open access fees must be paid for publication in MethodsX.

Detailed information can be found on the MethodsX website. Use this template to prepare your MethodsX article. There are many ways to link your dataset to your article. If you are available, you can link your dataset directly to your article by providing relevant information in the transmission system. For more information, please visit the database`s interconnection page. „We prepared a scientific publication and sent it to a scientific journal, but there were problems with the English language. The editors of this magazine recommended the services of LetPub, so we decided to try LetPub. Marise Facher, office coordinator, was very responsive and answered all questions. LetPub specialists did a very good job on our article. You have amended the text and provided explanations.

Very good service. Thank you very much! More information can be provided to subscribers to reproduce tables of materials or create lists of articles, including internal traffic lists within their institutions. Permission from the publisher is required for resale or distribution outside the institution and for all other derivative works, including compilations and translations.