Ako Vyplnit Learning Agreement

The apprenticeship agreement is not always successful at the first attempt. And there are several reasons for the treatment. First, it may be the unavailability of the current course offer, so students must base their document on the past offer. Another complication may arise if the course does not open, which the student often only discovers at a foreign university. Sometimes the dates of the selected courses may intersect or the foreign university will not list enough capacity for the selected course. LA can be modified even if the course does not like it and wants to replace it with another. During the stay, all you have to do is email the changes made by the vice-dean. Letter and confirmation edicts can be sent to ope or by the faculty to which he is studying, to the Erasmus or priamo programme department in the Erasmus programme department, after the signing of the OPE, the student will be sent to his original address: after exchanging all documents and filling out personal and other data in Mobility Online, you will receive an email at the conference on the provision of financial support. The student has an obligation to re-tan the speech, to postpone it twice and to give both speeches during the Erasmus programme. In the indicated number of at least 20 ECTS brought by zo foreign universities, pre tudentov, which do not have philological scholarships, can even lend for chaste languages and realities for up to 5 ECTS. From an all-time perspective, just take LA just before departure. However, it also depends on whether the document should reach the foreign school with the application or whether it has a deadline for submitting the subjects.

The study contract must sometimes be concluded a few months before the start of studies abroad. When recognising as compulsory subjects, it is necessary to consult Syllas with the subjects` guarantors at the World School of Health and then obtain their signature in L.A. Particular attention should be paid to what you want to learn abroad and how it relates to the field of study. But the credit burden must also be equal. So don`t waste your credits unnecessarily before travel, especially when it comes to interprofessional credits. That is to say 6 on the same day before the trip, the student charges on the online mobility software below the documents listed. As part of the foreign university accepting its rozumie, the certificate of acceptance and the agreed apprenticeship agreement for the studies were received. The student his ealej riadi is responsible for accepting the university (accommodation, welcome week and ine).

The network of erasmus students can also be used to inform and help in the organisation of the stay. On the basis of the opposition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, we recommend that students register on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic before going to mobility, in case of assistance in Nudz situations. In the event that the student has to go abroad and confirm the student status, he will send this document to OPE (available in a small language) The term apprenticeship contract will be a contract between the student and the two universities on what the outgoing student will study and how the subjects will be recognized on return. The completed LA model is on the faculty`s website. The subjects studied are shown in Table A and Table B of the group, where the funds received are then recognized. This is easily recognized by the student when checking his program of study in InSIS. Student Application Form – You don`t have a foreign university website The requirements for credits related to studying abroad vary from faculty to faculty. For example, the Faculty of International Relations requires a student to provide, ideally, thirty credits, but at least 24 credits from abroad. Twenty credits are sufficient in other faculties, but the credit load of 30 is optimal. In a foreign university, tie can never study iba subjects that I will recognize as voters.

– the student must take at least 20 ECTS and pay at least the ECTS ECTS from mobility to ensure q