Aicp Standard Commercial Production Agreement

„I am pleased that AICP and IATSE have been able to partner and address issues that help our industry remain competitive,“ said Miller. „Given the evolution of the industry, it is important that we can continue to employ experienced and trained IATSE members in the craft of production.“ We have made financial progress for our members and we have achieved the stability of the work in the production of advertisements,“ said President Loeb. „Thousands of workers across the country will benefit from higher wages, health premiums and retirement if they work in advertisements.“ IATSE and the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) have concluded negotiations for a new three-year contract for commercial production in the United States. „This is a more in-depth package and a big improvement over the previous standard industrial contract,“ said Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP. „The contract, combined with these addendums, should provide commercial manufacturers with a useful tool for their business relationships.“ „The association thanks Andrea Ruskin, a long-time producer who led this project as a consultant, and members of the contracts committee who have made themselves available for many hours of volunteer time for the analysis of legal issues and proof of contractual provisions,“ said Miller. „While AICP has been the custodian of this contract for many years, it is a document that was created to achieve an understandable standardization of this complex and important business function for all those working in the sector.“ The guidelines were developed by AICP in collaboration with a working group led by Andrew Colon, Chief Operating Officer at SMUGGLER, and Andrea McIntyre, RadicalMedia`s personnel production supervisor, who asked members of a committee that included Eric Brown, Fixer Inc., for information on the needs of both production and post-production environments; Sheila Eisenstein, Ruffian; Bonnie Goldfarb, harvest; Marian Harkness, hungry man; Michael Kaliski, Good Planet Innovation; Michael Moffett, PSN; Susan Munro, Hybrid; Caroline Pham, iconoclast; Valerie Romer, iconoclast; Clarissa Troop, Grand Canon United States; And Carl Zucker, Carl Zucker Consulting. There are 365 general member companies and 163 associate members. Associate members are a diverse group of companies that offer products and services to production companies (our general members). How big is the sector you represent financially (annual turnover)? Commercial production is $5 billion a year. The production category pays tribute to work that recognizes the complexity of the ambitious, but apparently effortless, statements of the production team as a whole. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) has announced the publication of a revised standard agreement on commercial production.

The agreement, a contract for use by production companies and their customers, is available on the association`s website, In addition to the amendments to the front of the treaty, some of the conditions on the back of the agreement have also been amended to reflect current trade practices, to specify vague conditions in advance and to outline mutual responsibility. Contract agreements and drivers are only available to AICP members. For more than 40 years, the Association of Independent Commercial Producers has focused exclusively on the needs and interests of commercial production companies in the United States. Founded in 1972 by a small group of commercial television production companies, today`s AICP has grown to about 80-85 percent of all national advertising, whether produced for traditional or non-traditional, public or private broadcasting channels. The AICP is a strong collective voice for this industry of more than $5 billion. The AICP monitors production incentives and informs our members of what they are, where they are and how they sign up. AICP is also active in lobbying state legislators on behalf of the commercial production industry, in order to attract by