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Authors transfer copyright to the publisher as part of a newspaper publishing agreement, but have the right to do so: the terms of publication contracts may vary from magazine to magazine, but most publishing agreements: Springer Open Choice is an open-access hybrid model that allows authors to publish open access publications in subscription magazines. If your institution agrees with Springer Compact, you can publish your Open Access article in Open Choice magazines for free. For Elsevier`s proprietary magazines, the following steps apply: If your institution has a transformative agreement, you can publish your Open Access article with your fees in more than 1,850 Springer magazines. You can also enjoy full access to all Springer subscription log content. All Springer Nature magazines, including scientific reports, participate in the Open Quotes Initiative. Therefore, data quotes are fully included in the formal reference list, exported to Crossref and are openly available. Publication agreements (sometimes called copyright transfer contracts) are contracts between a publisher and an author that are signed before an article can be published. Publication agreements describe the rights and responsibilities of both parties. If your institution has a fully open access agreement with Springer Nature, you can publish your Open Access article with your fees, which are covered in more than 600 OA magazines fully available in BMC, Nature Research, Palgrave and SpringerOpen.

The authors sign an exclusive licensing agreement in which the authors have copyright, but exclusive license rights in their article to the publisher. In this case, the authors have the right: agreements that allow institutions and funders to cover the costs of open access publication for all Of Springer Nature`s OA magazines. Elsevier has specific publication agreements with some governmental and intergovernmental organizations for their staff authors. These agreements allow authors to retain essentially the same rights as those in the Copyright section, but are specifically designed for employees of the organizations concerned, including: Our transformative reading and publishing agreements allow participating institutions to combine access to magazine subscriptions with OA publication fees. A double publication is made when an author reuses essential parts of his own published work without providing the corresponding references. This can range from publishing an identical document in several magazines to „salami-slicing,“ where authors add small amounts of new data to a previous document.